Preseason Team Batting Cage Packages Available

– Team consists of up to 12 players (they do not have to officially be on the same team – it can be any combination of 12 players)
– Payment must be made in full prior to beginning
– A roster must be provided prior to first session
– Each team receives one 90-minute session per week for 10 weeks (coaches may divide players up to bring in a few players every 30 minutes, if you choose; or bring your entire team in together; you do not have to schedule the same day/time every week)
– Waivers must be on file for each player prior to first session (signed by their parent/guardian)
– Coaches do not have to be present for players to use the batting cage unless players are under the age of 14
Cost: $500 (+ tax) per team (this is a 17% discount on normal batting cage rental rates)

Baseball and softball players will LOVE our 3 batting cages with a turf floor!
Batting Cage 1 features an Iron Mike automated pitching machine that simulates the overhand throwing motion, which allows hitters to time their swing just like hitting live! This cage is permanently set to baseball pitching at a speed appropriate for high school players.
Batting Cage 2 features a JUGS baseball pitching machine with a hopper that will feed a ball every 6-7 seconds. This machine can be set to throw a variation of breaking pitches and it can be fed one ball at a time, or using the hopper. This machine can easily be adjusted to different speeds.
Batting Cage 3 also features a JUGS pitching machine, but this machine is set for softball. This machine can be set up with a ball feeder or fed one ball at a time. This machine can be set to throw a variation of breaking pitches and can easily be adjusted to different speeds.

All 3 batting cages have retractable nets so the turf area can be used for multiple activities, or it can be used for ground balls, speed and agility work, etc.

Peak Season

December 1 – May 1

30 minutes = $20
60 minutes = $40

Off Peak Season

May 2 – November 30

30 minutes = $18
60 minutes = $34


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